Tulli is a happy and cheeky four year old girl who was born with a number of complex medical conditions, some of which are yet to be diagnosed. These conditions affect Tulli and her ability to move, eat, speak and communicate.

At 4 weeks of age we learnt that our gorgeous girl was going to face some big hurdles in life and a range of medical procedures confirmed this.

Tulli is living with a rare heart condition and parts of her brain are under developed. She also has epilepsy and receives all her nutrition through a peg that goes straight into her stomach.

When Tulli was 9 months old we started receiving weekly therapy sessions of Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Physiotherapy through Kids Plus. These sessions focused on supporting Tulli with her movement, strength and communication, along with a number of other daily activities.

Over the years we have celebrated some pretty amazing milestones for Tulli. These include rolling over, holding her head up, holding an object in her hand, taking a step in a supported walking frame and going for a ride on a supported trike with help from mummy and daddy. These special moments would not have been possible had it not been for The Kids Plus Foundation and their constant support and understanding.

One of the most proud moments in our 3 years of receiving therapy from Kids Plus was when Tulli started to communicate with the use of her communication book. Tulli was able to communicate “yes” and “no” to tell us what she wanted. This communication book is made up of a number of pictures that make it easier for us to understand what Tulli wants.  With practice and persistence Tulli continues to improve, increasing her ability to communicate how she feels and what she would like to do.

We are in awe of Tulli’s determination and she is constantly trying her hardest to learn skills that for others come a lot easier.

The team of therapists at Kids Plus have not only supported Tulli and her ongoing development, but have also supported Trav and me immensely. Their continuous support for Tulli and our family has not gone unnoticed and we appreciate everything they do to for our gorgeous girl and for us. They have taught us to embrace Tulli’s differences and to understand that the range of equipment, including Tulli’s new wheelchair, is there to assist Tulli, and to make our life easier to get our Tulli girl around and into the community, just like everyone else.

We have formed a strong relationship with Kids Plus and we will be forever grateful for having such a loving and dedicated team of people to support Tulli and us as a family.
Thank you for all your hard work!