Tanja SpencerPhysiotherapist

    Tanja is a Physiotherapist who works with kids and families, helping them become more active, and more engaged in sports. 

    She established a Running Group at the Victorian Paediatric Rehabilitation Service at Monash Children’s Hospital in 2012.  The effectiveness of that program became the subject for her Masters of Philosophy.  She has also trained as a national level athletics classifier, to allow children to fairly and competitively participate in school athletics and beyond. 

    She believes that all children should have the opportunity to find a sport or hobby that brings them joy, where they can participate fully and successfully. 

    Presentation | Participation in Sport and Recreation; therapy, community and competition.   

    This workshop will highlight the importance of participation in sports and recreation for children with disabilities.  

    The panel will discuss how therapists can support their clients to achieve their sporting goals.  This may be by providing skills-based training, by supporting them to find the most appropriate sporting option or by assisting them to be classified for competition. 

    The ultimate goal is for children to be happily engaged and succeeding in sports and recreation, whether at a grass-roots level or an elite Paralympic Games. 

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