Sarah FoleyCo-founder | Kids Plus Foundation

    Sarah Foley is a paediatric physiotherapist with a career focusing on neurodisability. In 2003 she co-founded the Kids Plus Foundation a not-for-profit community-based provider of services for children with neurodevelopment disabilities in regional Victoria, Australia. Sarah completed her post graduate research studies studying the effectiveness of partial body weight support treadmill training for children with CP. She has been responsible for leading collaborative research partnerships within Kids Plus Foundation, including an NHMRC funded multi- centred collaboration on implementing long term health surveillance for children with CP. More recently, Sarah has co-developed an early detection and intervention program, Baby SMART, for infants born at risk of neurodevelopmental disabilities as part of the Kids Plus therapy programs – an innovative program providing early development support for at risk babies on hospital discharge.

    Sarah  also regular teaches graduate courses on the treatment of children with cerebral palsy as well as developing online teaching modules for post graduate therapy students. She has extensive teaching experience both nationally and internationally

    Presentation | “When you are finished changing, you are finished “ Benjamin Franklin

    In this final conference presentation, Sarah will share the (un)finished journey of how the Kids Plus Foundation has embraced change over the past 15 years and provide insights on what have been some of the factors that were supports or, conversely, barriers to its success.  The establishment of the not–for-profit Kids Plus Foundation in a regional city, the implementation of the transformative National Disability Insurance Scheme and more recently the impact of a the COVID-19 pandemic are examples of local, national and global disruptors that have led to change.

    Using practical and real life examples of change involving families, consumers and service providers as well as community and academic partnerships, a roadmap for seeking and embracing change will be illustrated.