Professor Angela DewAssociate Professor, Disability and Inclusion | Deakin University

    Associate Professor Angela Dew is a sociologist with 40 years’ experience in the Australian disability sector.

    Before entering academia, Angela managed a large community-based diagnostic, assessment and early intervention service in Western Sydney. She set up and managed a number of group homes for people with disability moving out of institutions. Informed by her service delivery background, Angela uses qualitative, Action Research methods within an integrated knowledge translation framework to ensure research results in practical solutions that can be tailored to individuals, practice settings and local communities.

    Presentation | Action Research: Practitioners and Researchers Building the Evidence-base Together

    This keynote presentation will describe Action Research through which practitioners and researchers together build an evidence-base.

    Action research as a key participatory method providing a model to structure engagement between researchers and practitioners to enable the production of empirically informed practice resources and/or approaches. Action Research is a relational and potentially transformational approach which is deeply grounded in the conceptual, political and practical relations between researchers, practitioners and those whose lives they seek to enhance. Two examples of this methodological approach will be presented demonstrating three interlinked conceptual foundations: knowledge translation, praxis and action research, which together inform a framework for research to practice.

    These three components provide a critically reflective model to increase the integrity, uptake and applicability of research for end users.