Kelly ReynoldsGeneral Manager Strategy & Development | Kids Plus Foundation

    Kelly Reynolds is a Senior Physiotherapist with over 20 years’ experience working within the field of neuro-paediatrics across a range of ages and settings, including early intervention services, integrated school services and adult disability services.

    As the General Manager Strategy and Development with Kids Plus Foundation, Kelly utilizes her clinical expertise to develop and implement changes in service delivery and innovative programs to create more opportunities for babies, children and young people with disabilities.  Kelly has a passion for learning through teaching and is strongly committed to knowledge implementation.

    Kelly completed a Masters of Education (research) through Monash University in 2014, with a view to improving continuing professional education for health professionals.

    Kelly has presented at conferences including International CP Conference (Italy), Australasian Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Development Medicine (AusACPDM), and the Developing Child Conference (New Zealand). She delivers workshops and training programs for allied health professionals throughout Australia and in New Zealand and South Africa.

    Presentation 1 | Leading Change

    Many of us desire change, big or small, however the process of being a ChangeMaker and ‘making it happen’ has many layers of complexity.

    For change to be truly successful and embraced we need to inspire more people to join us on the dance floor.  Community Paediatric practice is a web of interactions with others and we need to view change as a social phenomenon.  Understanding change will enable practitioners, managers, service users and organisations to lead change following an ongoing and fluid process.

    Presentation 2 | BabySMART: Changing to a Relational Approach for Early Detection

    BabySMART (Sensory Motor Active Responsive Timely) is an advanced Developmental Surveillance and Early Detection program at Kids Plus. It has embraced the recent advances and consensus about early detection and follows a best practice protocol for assessment and monitoring. This outlines the ‘What’ of the program but doesn’t explore the ‘How’.

    The essence of BabySMART is integrating the technical protocols alongside a relational approach to ensure we establish trusting, quality relationships with families. This workshop will explore the key elements of this relational approach, which is often missing in follow-up programs, to change the experiences for families from a technical encounter to one that meets their emotional and psychological needs.

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