Jenna O’BrienSenior Speech Pathologist - Kids Plus Foundation

    Jenna O’Brien is a Senior Speech Pathologist at Kids Plus Foundation, Geelong, Victoria. She has focussed her 10 years of experience in the field of Alternative and Augmentative Communication.

    Jenna has expertise in providing communication strategies for children and young people with complex and multiple impairments. She continues to work in a practical, hands on way, collaborating with families, educators, therapists, siblings and other supports to implement various high and low tech AAC systems with individuals in all settings.

    Presentation 1 | Building an AAConnect™ community.

    Kids Plus are passionate about delivering targeted intervention to support clients to achieve the most effective communication to maximize potential and enhance their quality of life.  In some cases, this involves the use of high-tech Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) options.

    But, maybe there’s another piece to the puzzle; the real transformation for these clients comes when you inform and influence their unique environments. We will explore the impact of education and training, changing attitudes, and developing advocacy skills in the important people around the client through our AAConnect™ program.

    Presentation 2 | Early years to adulthood: Self advocacy and autonomous communication

    presented by Jenna O’Brien, Penny Manning and Rachel Harkin

    You can make a change now to how a young person values and views their voice. Learn more about how you can support and increase a young person’s ability to participate in all environments with autonomy, choice, and self-determination.  Self-advocacy become especially critical for clients who have complex communication needs (CCN). Hear from Penny who shares her lived experience. She will discuss her thoughts about developing her voice using AAC and what she wishes health professionals knew.

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