Dr Rachel TooveyResearcher & Lecturer | University of Melbourne

    Dr Rachel Toovey is a researcher and lecturer at the University of Melbourne.

    Rachel’s research and teaching interests are paediatrics, rehabilitation, disability, motor learning, inclusive participation, health equity and Indigenous health. Rachel has worked as a physiotherapist in childhood disability for over 10 years across acute, rehabilitation and community settings in Melbourne, Alice Springs and Papua New Guinea.

    Dr Toovey completed her PhD in 2019. Her thesis developed and tested the effectiveness of a novel task-specific approach to training two-wheel bike skills in children with cerebral palsy. Rachel’s PhD has informed the ongoing delivery of cycling interventions for children with disability across health and National Disability Insurance Scheme settings. 

    Presentation | Participation in Sport and Recreation; therapy, community and competition.

    This workshop will highlight the importance of participation in sports and recreation for children with disabilities. 

    The panel will discuss how therapists can support their clients to achieve their sporting goals.  This may be by providing skills-based training, by supporting them to find the most appropriate sporting option or by assisting them to be classified for competition.  The ultimate goal is for children to be happily engaged and succeeding in sports and recreation, whether at a grass-roots level or an elite Paralympic Games. .

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