We now have extra capacity for support coordination for current Kids Plus clients and their immediate family members. Due to increasing demand for the service, we’ve hired two experienced staff members, Cath and Alice. They join Kristy to form our new Support Coordination team.

What is Support Coordination?

Our Support Coordinators work collaboratively with your child’s therapy team and key worker to ensure that the best possible supports are in place to help achieve your child’s goals.

Support coordination is a capacity building support to assist with implementation of all supports in a participant’s NDIA plan.

Funded under the NDIS, support coordination enables participants to:

· Maximise the value for money your child receives from their supports

· Genuinely exercise their choice and control

· Implement their plan

· Build a family’s own capacity to manage/direct their child’s supports

· Connect families to community and alternative support options

· Coordinate multiple supports and services

· Strengthen informal support networks

· Be better able to use the NDIS Participant Portal myplace

With an experienced and skilled team of Support Coordinators, we are now in a position to accept new referrals from current clients.

If you would like to learn more about support coordination at Kids Plus, and how it may be of benefit to your family please get in contact with Kristy. Kristy can be contacted on 0429 5264 35 or by email on [email protected].