Lucy and Arul will share some of the frameworks and approaches that underpin their practice and way of thinking.

Reflecting on the worldwide influences such as the Sustainable Development goals (United Nations), World Health Organisation, International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF), CanChild F-Words for Childhood (Dr. Peter Rosenbaum and Dr Jan Willem Gorter) and Coaching approaches and how these influence our way of thinking?

The F-Words from CanChild provide a meaningful language to facilitate conversations and interactions with children and families, which shifts the focus from a medical model to a biomedical model of care, focussing on occupation and participation. The F-words Life Wheel uses the F-Words and coaching models to form a connection with families, develop productive and trusting partnerships that empower families and build capacity. It helps to establish what is happening for the child and family right now, what is important and helps envisage goals for the future that are important to children and their families. They will explain how it can provide a voice for both children and their families. This is particularly pertinent during this changing climate, given that children and families’ perspectives and capacities are changing daily. The medical profession have textbooks and families have stories. How do we listen to the child and family’s story? and how do we empower families on their own journey without throwing out the textbooks or our clinical reasoning?

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