The Adventures of Mighty Owen is helping others understand how the world can be processed differently when you have a disability.

Born at 32 weeks and weighing only 880 grams, Owen Roehrs entered the world much earlier than planned. Soon after his birth he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and autism.

As a result, Owen started seeing therapists and doctors from a young age, including attending Kids Plus Foundation since he was about four months old. As a means to cope with the many appointments Owen had, and to process his emotions, he began drawing and writing while in waiting rooms and during sessions.

“It has been a very scary, emotional and tough ride on the entire family with countless ongoing doctors’ and therapists’ appointments,” Owen’s mother Emma Roehrs says.

“This story was written as a way for Owen’s family, especially for Liam who is two years older than Owen, to understand his little brother. Writing this story of Mighty Owen is also helping Owen to understand the journey he is on.”

With illustrations by Owen and words contributed by his older brother Liam, The Adventures of Mighty Owen was completed and released into the world.

The book shares the story of Mighty Owen and Lord Angry Pants while navigating therapy sessions, hospital appointments and life generally with cerebral palsy and autism. These are things rarely covered in children’s literature and certainly not from someone who is directly experiencing it.

The Roehrs family hope The Adventures of Mighty Owen will help other children with a disability and their siblings better understand these experiences. With the ethos that while not all children are the same, they are all mighty! This book is a great resource for parents, therapists, schools, siblings and that mighty child in your life.

You can purchase The Adventures of Mighty Owen online.