We are super excited that Marte Meo & Theraplay ® are now being offered at Kids+. These two incredible programs are offered as a capacity building therapy and help support your child’s development through play.

Marte Meo

Marte Meo is a practical approach to help families support their child’s attachment and development, focusing on the importance of connection and communication in the building of relationships. Marte Meo is popular with parents as its practical approach is easy to build into daily routines (playing, dressing, feeding, packing up).

Marte Meo can assist parents and caregivers:

  • Make strong connections with children by entering into their world
  • Activate child development rather than compensating problems
  • Read the developmental message behind behaviour
  • Recognising how to use supportive communication in the right moment
  • Scaffolding social interactions to improve social connection and development

Marte Meo has been found to improve a child’s:

  • attachment bonds and sense of security
  • emotional intelligence
  • attention, behavioural regulation, and self-awareness
  • improves language in social contexts and social skill development
  • promotes imaginative play, self-confidence, predictability, and co-operation

Families participate in Marte Meo for 12-18 weekly sessions by capturing daily interactions moments on video. Video clips are reviewed with parent and therapist together to build a parent’s opportunity to respond to their child’s developmental need, moment by moment.


Theraplay ® is a structured play therapy for children and their parents that aims to address behavioural, emotional, or developmental issues and improve the parent-child relationship through play and healthy interaction.  Theraplay® focuses on the parent-child relationship as the most powerful and influential element for change.

How does Theraplay® differ from other types of child therapy?

  • It directly involves parents or caregivers,
  • It is active, interpersonal and most of all fun—Theraplay is not “talk therapy”
  • Progress can be made quickly
  • Since it does not involve verbal or symbolic understanding, it can be used with very young children, children with developmental delays and children with traumatic experiences early in life
  • activities used in session can be used at home for years to come
  • treatment is appropriate for all ages—infancy through adolescence

Theraplay® has been used successfully to help children experiencing a variety of challenges:

  • anxious, shy, withdrawn or experiencing separation anxiety
  • difficulty with social skills and making friends
  • who have experienced medical trauma/extensive hospital stays
  • who have experienced trauma or neglect
  • who are acting out, angry, defiant or disruptive behaviour

Families come to Theraplay ® for 18-26 weekly sessions. Sessions are charged at the NDIS Therapist rate and can be held at home or at Kids+.

Marte Meo and Theraplay® at Kids+ are both delivered by Kristy, our Social Worker who has completed her Marte Meo Practitioner training, and Level 1 Theraplay® Therapist Certification.

Kristy says “I am thrilled to be offering Kids Plus families a verion of therapy that provides parents practical skills to support their children’s social and emotional development. Modern brain research and the field of neuroscience have shown that attachement is the way in which children come to understand, trust and thrive in their world. Both Theraplay and Marte Meo prioritise the deeply influencial role of the parent-children relationship as the bricks and mortar to all future developmental stages. Due to the individualised nature of these therapies it is suited to all ages, from infants through to young adults”

We encourage you to speak to Kristy or your child’s Key Worker for more information on how Marte Meo and Theraplay® can support your child’s therapy goals.