We are searching for our next energetic and passionate therapist to join our Speech Pathology team at Kids Plus.

Kids Plus is located in Geelong, Victoria on the beautiful Surf Coast. Our region provides a lifestyle that is second to none.

We provide family focused allied health services including assessment, therapy and family support.  We specialise in interventions for babies, children and young people with cerebral palsy and similar neurological conditions.  Our focus is to work in partnership with families to understand their individual need and values.

Kids Plus is a seriously great place to work, just ask our Senior Speech Pathologist Jenna:

“Witnessing a young person tell his parents for the first time that he loves them with his new communication device, or seeing a young person communicating more confidently than they have before are what comes to mind when I reflect on nearly 4 years of work as a speech pathologist at Kids Plus.

I get to be a part of our young people and their family’s special moments; to play a role in informing and influencing a young person’s social world, to change attitudes so that those around them can presume in their potential; to share these experiences and support our participants to achieve their goals and live a more self-determined life is an overwhelming privilege.”

We value sharing our knowledge with families, early learning centres, schools and other health professionals to create more inclusive communities.

Our service aims to empower participants and enhance participation in everyday activities.  We care about improving quality of life.

We have a team of passionate, dedicated, highly skilled professionals with a commitment to furthering their specialist skills.  We love celebrating success as young people learn, grow and develop.

Kids Plus Foundation is an independent not for profit organisation, governed by a Board of Directors.


About the Role


  • identify client speech pathology needs through formal and informal assessment, and identification of functional strengths and limitations
  • deliver person and family centred practice
  • develop goal directed speech pathology service plans with the client/family/carer
  • implement appropriate treatment options, that may include individual or group therapy sessions
  • deliver specific speech pathology interventions to address functional limitations and facilitate skill acquisition.
  • prescription and provision of aids and equipment, and close liaison with community speech pathologists regarding equipment provision
  • evaluate the outcomes of speech pathology interventions for clients at the end of each treatment program (using GAS goals and other assessments as required)
  • actively participate in the development of Kids Plus specialist programs with the team, including consultation, discussion, development and implementation, such as groups, hydrotherapy, intensive programs
  • deliver consultancy, or training to other Kids Plus staff or service providers
  • liaise with other service providers to provide a coordinated service for clients and their families
  • deliver a service that is centre based, home or school based or within the community depending on the child and family’s needs and the service capacity
  • participate in the development of community capacity building projects and activities in response to needs identified by the service
  • maintain client records (electronic and hard copy) in an accurate and timely manner
  • effectively manage a varied caseload
  • actively participate as a member of a multidisciplinary team in planning and service development
  • actively participate in team meetings, and client related meetings at Kids Plus or in community settings
  • be aware of and comply with Kids Plus Occupational Health and Safety systems and processes. Use safe manual handling principles in work undertaken for the role
  • be aware of and comply with Kids Plus policies and procedures
  • support and actively participate in organisational values and philosophies: communication, consultation, respect, high quality and integrity
  • actively participate in collaborating with the broader organisation
  • maintain confidentiality of information received and given


Our Team and Relationships

The Speech Pathologist

  • reports directly to the Executive General Manager Therapy Services. As a member of the Speech Pathology team you will meet regularly, at agreed times, with the Executive General Manager of Therapy Services. EGMTS will be responsible for coordinating an annual performance review.
  • will work in close collaboration with the therapy team and members of the administration and management team.


The Speech Pathologist is responsible for developing and maintaining proactive and positive relationships with:


  • all staff
  • families and carers


  • professional bodies
  • hospitals, research institutions, allied health professionals
  • relevant government agencies
  • relevant community service providers


Conditions of Work

As per Employment Contract


Intellectual Property

Intellectual property relating to the clinical development, design, ideas, concepts and content of Kids Plus programs, events and materials remain with Kids Plus.



All matters, not in the public domain about this program, are confidential and will not be disclosed to any other party without the expressed permission in writing of Kids Plus Foundation.


For more information please contact Kelsey Jamieson, Executive General Manager Therapy Services at kelsey.jamieson@kidsplus.org.au