At Kids Plus our focus is to work in partnership with families to understand their individual needs, values and abilities.

We value sharing our knowledge with families, early learning centres, schools and other health professionals to create more inclusive communities. Our service aims to empower families and improve capability in order to maximise potential and enhance participation in everyday activities. We care about improving quality of life. We have a team of passionate, dedicated, highly skilled professionals with a commitment to furthering their specialist skills. We love celebrating success as children learn, grow and develop.

Physiotherapy: Physiotherapists assist people of all ages to move well. This includes learning new movements and making movement easier for babies, infants, young children and adolescents. Our team of physiotherapists at Kids Plus are trained to identify the limitations or restrictions related your child’s goals. Programs are tailored to maximise independence and reach your child’s potential.

Occupational Therapy: An Occupational Therapist at Kids Plus can help your child develop their independence skills and to participate more fully in the things they want and need to do at home, kinder/school and out in the community, through the therapeutic use of everyday activities (occupations). Occupational therapy incorporates the assessment, treatment and management of postural control, functional hand use, play skills, sensory processing skills, functional vision and visual perceptual, and self-care skills.

Speech Pathology: Speech Pathologist at Kids Plus can help with the assessment, treatment and management of communication and swallowing. We can assess difficulties formally or informally or refer on for further assessments. Kids Plus is skilled at working with the latest assistive communication devices.

Music Therapy: Music Therapy incorporates a range of expressive, music-making techniques within and through a therapeutic relationship. Music Therapy is different from music education or entertainment in that it focuses on individual health, functioning, and well-being.