Dates: 23-24 March 2023

Location: RACV Resort, Torquay, Victoria, Australia 3228

Changemakers are motivated towards action, with a focus on solving social problems.

The Changemakers Conference is an opportunity for people within the disability community to come together, share ideas, make connections, and build those collaborative networks to ensure social change is possible. Changemakers 2023 focuses on community-based disability experiences, services, and practice to shine a light on the now, and what we can and should be doing to ensure the best opportunities are available for those we work alongside.

This is a unique conference that brings together insights, experience and innovation from service leaders, community practitioners and those with lived experience to facilitate diverse and thought-provoking conversations. Ideally suited for those passionate about improving the lives and opportunities for infants, children, young people, and their families who experience disability.

Presentations have a focus on

  • Models of best practice
  • Insights from people with a disability
  • Innovation to support better outcomes
  • Moving ideas into action for real change
  • Fostering community change
  • Building a better world!

Join us in 2023 to become part of the Changemaking Community because if we all work together to develop and strengthen community collaborations, and listen to all perspectives, ‘nearly nothing is impossible’

We look forward to welcoming you to the Kids+ Changemakers Conference 2023.

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Kids+ Changemakers Conference