Parents’ Experiences

Here is what one of our past participants said:

“We were excited to start the Hanen program and right from the beginning it has been very informative. We have learnt so much about not only communicating with children that have some form of impairment, but also learnt so much about ourselves. 

Through this course our daughter Harper has really improved with her speech and we’re really able to target key words we’d like her to start learning.

We feel that a lot of people would already be applying a lot of the strategies without even knowing it, but once made aware of it we were really able to fine tune our interactions to get the most out of Harper”.

Hanen Program – It Takes Two To Talk

The Hanen Program – It Takes Two To Talk – is a program for parents of children that are Kids Plus families (birth to 5) with language delays.

The Hanen Program was developed in 1975 by Canadian speech-language pathologist Ayala Hanen Manolson and recognises that parents are the most important people in their children’s lives. The Hanen approach has led the way in changing early language intervention by putting parents first in order to help their children best.

The It Takes Two to Talk program translates research on early language intervention into concrete strategies that are easy for parents to understand and put into practice.

During the program parents learn practical and powerful strategies to help their children communicate and interact during every day routines and activities. It is within these familiar, real life interactions with them that their children’s communication will grow.

Over 8 sessions, parents learn how their child communicates right now and the next steps to take, what motivates their child to communicate, how they can engage their children in back and forth conversations and how to turn everyday activities into opportunities for their child to learn language.

Parents also participate in individual sessions. Within these 1:1 sessions across the Program, parents/carers practice the strategies that they have learnt during the group sessions using their tailored home plans through the method of video-coaching.

Kids Plus will run the Hanen program for Kids Plus families in 2021 on a Tuesday from 5:30-8:30pm, on the following dates:

Orientation Session:     Tuesday 2 March 5:30-7pm

Group Sessions x 8:       Tuesdays from 20 April until 29 June 2021

Individual Sessions:      Booked in throughout the time the group sessions are on


Want to know more? Contact Mikayla MacManus, Speech Pathologist at mikayla.macmanus@kidsplus.org.au