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Baby – Sensory – Motor – Activity – Responsive – Timely

The Kids Plus BabySMART Program is an early intervention initiative that supports babies and their families at risk of having  developmental delays and/or a neurodevelopmental disorder.  The program aims to provide the right support at the right time for infants and their families where there have been additional medical and risk factors.

Our BabySMART program is designed for babies that:

  • Are extremely premature (<29 weeks)
  • Have low birth weight (<1500 grams)
  • Have been diagnosed with a brain injury
  • Experienced hypoxia / seizures / infection at the time of, or shortly after birth.

Our senior therapists work with families to monitor the baby during the 1-2 years of life and provide support and guidance to parents during what is often a challenging time. Our therapy team   have specialist skills and training in working with infants and identifying developmental delays and areas of concern.

The objective of the BabySMART Program is to:

  • for the infant: reducing long term physical impairment – there is an established body of research indicating the benefit of “early” early intervention to babies as this can influence the neural plasticity of the brain, leading to better long-term outcomes in learning developmental domains,  including movement, language and play skills;
  • for the family: parents are in need of support during what can be a challenging period in their baby’s development – Baby SMART is focused as much on supporting parents as it is on supporting infants. The program gives confidence to families to care and support their baby providing environmental enrichment through everyday activities including motor, visual and interaction enrichment;
  • model of care: Baby SMART is the only program of its kind across Australia. It is hoped that the Baby SMART program continues to inform the way in which interventions and supports for high risk babies can be provided, particularly for those in regional and rural settings.

Our BabySMART Program involves  routine assessments and monitoring involving the baby, their family and medical practitioners.

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