A typical therapy program involves a ten week block of goal orientated therapy.

The Kids Plus program sets measurable goals and outcomes specific to each child, these are developed and measured using best practice clinical measurement tools including SMART goals, Goal Attainment Scale goals, Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM), the Measures of Process of Care (MPOC) and other standardised tools.  More than 90% of Kids Plus participants improve in their functional tasks.

Kids Plus Therapy Program

Our therapy program is available to young people between 1 -25 years of age. The Kids Plus Therapy program provides multi-disciplinary weekly therapy across block courses. Coinciding the school terms, Kids Plus runs 4 x 10 week block courses each year. Each block course will typically include a combination of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology and music therapy.

Baby Kids Plus Therapy Program (0-1yrs)

The Baby Kids Plus’ Program is an early intervention initiative aimed at supporting babies (and their families) at high risk of neuro development delays. The Baby Kids Plus program targets babies that are extremely premature (<29 weeks) and have low birth weight (<1500 grams) and babies with a diagnosed brain injury. The Program involves fortnightly or monthly assessments involving the baby, their family and clinicians.