Marte Meo & Theraplay ® now at Kids+

We are super excited that Marte Meo & Theraplay ® are now being offered at Kids+. These two incredible programs are offered as a capacity building therapy and help support your child’s [...]

AAConnect: Young Adults Group at Kids+

Every Friday morning at Kids+, there is a young adults group that focuses on communication, health and advocacy. This group program provides individuals with the opportunity to communicate [...]

AAC and siblings of users

by Noah Callan | AAC and Technology Coordinator – Kids+ To me, families are the most important thing in life and that level of connection and bond you have with a sibling is like no other. [...]

Meet our newest team member – Noah!

Meet Noah Callan Noah is our newest team member at Kids Plus, taking on the role of AAC and Technology Coordinator in our team. We asked Noah to tell him a bit about himself!…. I have [...]

The Power of Visuals

Written by Jenna O’Brien – Speech Pathologist & Tracie Thornton – Occupational Therapist Did you know that using visuals can enhance communication and support a young [...]

Sibling communication and AAC

We know from research that young children’s understanding of the world is embedded within their relationships with family members, including siblings and their role within the family unit. [...]

AAC – The Difference it Makes

When Rosie’s son Noah received his first Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) device (Liberator Rugged 7 with LAMP Words for Life software) in early 2020, they were somewhat reluctant to [...]

Hanen – It Takes Two to Talk

Throughout 2020 Kids Plus have been running the incredible Hanen Program – It Takes Two To Talk – a program for parents of children (birth to 5) with language delays. The Hanen Program was [...]

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