AAC and the Workplace

Working for a living is a part of life, and choosing the right career pathway is a big decision for us all.  It is quite possible thatmost of us will be working for a very long time. It is [...]

AAC and the Importance of Modelling

When you start exploring the world of AAC especially as a kid, it can be overwhelming as there are so many options to choose from. Take time to try various devices and programs, don’t be in a [...]

AAC and Social Gatherings

Most of us love to socialize with people, especially family and friends. We love to go to parties, whether it be a wedding, school reunion or to celebrate a birthday. At a social gathering, [...]

The Power of Choice

Written by Bianca – mum of Tom There’s a lot of power in the act of choosing. By supporting Tom to make choices I feel I’m assisting his need for independence. He’s 13 years old now and [...]

Different types of AAC

by Noah Callan | AAC and Technology Coordinator – Kids Plus   Augmentative and Alternative Communication is also known as AAC. AAC offers different types of formats for its users [...]

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