AAC and the Workplace

Working for a living is a part of life, and choosing the right career pathway is a big decision for us all.  It is quite possible thatmost of us will be working for a very long time. It is [...]

AAC and the Importance of Modelling

When you start exploring the world of AAC especially as a kid, it can be overwhelming as there are so many options to choose from. Take time to try various devices and programs, don’t be in a [...]

AAC and Social Gatherings

Most of us love to socialize with people, especially family and friends. We love to go to parties, whether it be a wedding, school reunion or to celebrate a birthday. At a social gathering, [...]

The Power of Choice

Written by Bianca – mum of Tom There’s a lot of power in the act of choosing. By supporting Tom to make choices I feel I’m assisting his need for independence. He’s 13 years old now and [...]

AAC and Advocacy

One of the greatest things we do every day is communicate with one another to connect. It is an important and necessary part of life. Without the existence of communication between humans, I am [...]