I like cooking at home. I like chatting with my carers using our communication devices. It makes me feel like a celebrity. Something that has been hard for me during COVID-19 is when my communication device does not work the way I want it to. It makes me feel frustrated because I can’t say what I want to.

I like going on walks with my support workers and my dad. I like going for walks with my dad because we go to the lake and see lots of birds. Sometimes I feel like I have to be polite at home when I don’t want to. I have missed doing some of the things that I normally do. Like going to the pool to do my swimming. Instead I have had to find other things to do.

I miss seeing my friends at the moment. I am happy that I can still see their faces on messenger videos and Zoom. We play games. I get very excited when a call comes in!

I can’t wait for everything to return to normal so I can see my friends again. When all restrictions are lifted, I have many things that I am looking forward to doing. I would like to go to the movies, see a concert, have games nights with friends, and go bowling with my friends Abby, Penny and Jack. I would also like to hang out with friends, go swimming so I can do my exercises, and go to a restaurant.

What I really want to do and keep bringing up on my device is go to the pub! I also want to go to cafés for bubbachinos, get my hair cut at the hairdresser, do some shopping, go to the library, and get back to day programs at scope!

Written by Brodie Shaw. Brodie is a participant at Kids Plus Foundation.