Alex's Storey Main Image

Our beautiful little girl Alex was a little behind in her milestones and at six months began having seizures diagnosed as infantile spasms. During treatment for the spasms further investigations revealed Alex had suffered a middle cerebral artery infarction (stroke) in utero. The medication has been successful in treating the spasms but the stroke has left Alex with a right sided hemiplegia (cerebral palsy).

She is now ten months and doing really well. The short term goals we develop in conjunction with Kids Plus to help Alex reach her milestones provide us with direction.

The big picture is still hard to grasp and therefore we’re happy to take small steps. I don’t think I will ever forget the first time taking Alex to Kids Plus. We were both a bit apprehensive, all so new, in a way our world had crumbled. We were faced with some very hard times and it was all such a blur, so much to deal with – the essential day to day activities sometimes seemed impossible, trying to process the enormous amounts of information and at each turn there was a new face to meet and explain Alex’s story.

Due to a fantastic paediatrician and neurologist we were in the ‘system’ quickly, and while we are still on the waiting list for Early Intervention Services, Alex was eligible to receive a place in the intensive therapy program at Kids Plus straight away. Our feet hadn’t really touched the ground when we went on our first visit, when we met our physiotherapist. There was an instantaneous feeling of understanding and of course the tears did flow. This was a sure sign that I was comfortable and in the right place.

The calm, friendly and reassuring nature of all the staff clearly demonstrates the appropriateness for their roles and a love for what they do. It takes a little time to settle in and get to know your therapist but soon enough you find yourself working closely with them.

There is a fine balance between pushing Alex and keeping her happy and I certainly admire the way the therapists can achieve that. I appreciate the practical approach of Kids Plus. I love that you go at your own pace. Alex’s therapy has become a part of our lives without becoming the focus, and together with Alex we are also learning, using the expert knowledge available to us, and coming to enjoy the challenges and triumphs the future holds.

A lot of the time I find it hard to describe how I am feeling but each time after therapy I leave feeling happy and inspired, albeit with a tired and exhausted baby. A big thanks from us to all who make this possible. I understand we are very fortunate to have access to such a specialised and unique service at Kids Plus.

Ros McKewan