We’ve been really lucky to have Kids Plus on board pretty early in the piece when Albie was about three months old. We first saw Sarah for our evaluation, and got a referral through Dr Peter Vuillermin at Geelong Paediatric Group. We’d spent four and a half weeks in ICU in Melbourne when Albie was first born and then he came back and we did a week in special care in Geelong while we got his medication under control. At that point we weren’t under complex care at the children’s hospital as it wasn’t apparent then all the other things that were happening.

At that point we were self-managing all the specialists in Melbourne and then Peter was helping us in Geelong. Given he’d already had a couple of surgeries and will have a few more, Peter said, ‘Look it probably would make sense to get some allied help on board. I’ll send you to Kids Plus Foundation and see what they think’. Sarah Foley did an evaluation on Albie and we’ve been there ever since.

All the therapists have come to our house to do his speech and physio, which is fabulous. When Sarah first had him he couldn’t sit, couldn’t roll, couldn’t do anything. He’s made huge progress in the physical sense. Having those same people involved all the time and that continuity of care really makes a difference. Even just things like being able to come out and see us in the home rather than me load the three kids up and take them. They arrive on the doorstep we do our session and get on with our day.

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