Every Friday morning at Kids+, there is a young adults group that focuses on communication, health and advocacy. This group program provides individuals with the opportunity to communicate autonomously to make and maintain friendships with others in their AAC community. This is integral to becoming a lifelong competent communicator and living a fulfilling and connected life. Here is what the attendees (Penny, Brodie, Abby, Nicole, Jaylah) have to say…

Who is in the group?

  • Penny, Brodie, Abby, Ruby, Nicole, Jaylah

Where do you catch up?

  • Kids+ speech group, swimming, movies, Music Space, home, library
  • During COVID, we also used Zoom.

What do you do together?

  • We do heaps of things together!!
  • Hangout
  • Games night
  • Scavenger hunt- asking directions to the shops
  • Music video for shake it off
  • Mother’s Day
  • Wrote a story
  • Story
  • Escape room
  • party
  • Make up
  • Board games
  • Letter writing
  • Craft
  • Health – “cold”, “sick”,
  • Crazy hair day
  • Halloween dress ups
  • Share secrets
  • Friday speech group
  • card

What do you want for the future of the group?

  • Café, zoo
  • Secret Christmas present
  • Disco
  • Birthday, Christmas
  • Italian food, garlic bread
  • canoe
  • laugh
  • frozen musical

How do you communicate with each other (in person and when you are not together)?

  • I use this device to talk
  • Video games night
  • Facebook messenger
  • van envelope, pen pals.
  • loud

Why do you like hanging out together?

  • Excellent
  • cheeky
  • I think fun
  • Excited
  • eat
  • bang
  • people

By Brodie, Penny, Abby, Jaylah, and Nicole.


*This article was first published in AGOSCI’s InFocus Magazine