Which children has this program been developed for?

The program has been developed specifically for babies, children and young people (0 – 25 years old), residing in the Barwon region, who have physical disabilities ie problems with the typical postural control and movement necessary for the achievement of daily skills including communication, mobility, self-care, play and hand skills, as a result of a brain injury, stroke or cerebral palsy. Priority for therapy places is for babies and younger children. Also children with multiple impairments – for example, a child that would need all three therapy disciplines. Our team have had advanced training to work with pre-term babies who may be at risk of cerebral palsy. The program does not work with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Downs Syndrome and global development delay (primarily cognitive impairments), unless there is an associated physical disability involved

What is a neuro physical disability?

A neuro physical disability is an identifiable injury to the brain that affects the control of muscles for posture, movement and activity

Is my child eligible for this program?

Your child will need to be a resident of the Barwon Region and have a neuro physical disability, delay or concern that has occurred because of a brain injury, cerebral palsy, or stroke.

Which children are not eligible?

The program is not suitable for children with autism or Downs Syndrome, unless there is an associated neuro physical disability

How do I register my child for the therapy program?

You can speak with your paediatrician, or speak to Kids Plus to understand if your child is eligible. An application form can be sent to Kids Plus (mail, fax or email) and MUST have a copy of the paediatricians report attached. If your child is eligible, Kids Plus will then invite you with your child for an assessment to understand the needs of your child. Your child is then placed on the register to attend Kids Plus.

What is the cost?

Therapy costs are in part covered by individual NDIA plans and the Better Start program. The balance of costs are covered by Kids Plus fundraising activities and grants from the philanthropic community. There is no direct cost to families.

How much time is allocated each term and each week?

Each block of therapy is typically 10 weeks long (subject to the needs of and goals of your child), with a weekly therapy sessions with an occupational therapist, speech pathologist or physiotherapist, depending on the goals and needs of your child.

How long is the wait list?

Generally the program does not have a wait list, as provision of high quality, regular therapy for neuro physical disabilities is time critical, and is offered as soon as possible.

How are places allocated?

Allocation of places depends on a number of factors: the request for places, needs and goals of children, and critical timeframes for child ie new babies, starting kinder or transition to school. Priority places are for babies and younger children, children with multiple disabilities and children from low income families.

Can families take a break? Does this affect my place at Kids Plus?

Families can chose to take a break from Kids Plus (because of holidays, work commitments, surgery, or siblings needs etc) and this does not affect their child’s place in the program.

Where does the therapy take place?

Kids Plus provides a combination of centre based (Kids Plus office 163 Myers Street, Geelong) and home based care.

Kids Plus also provides therapy sessions at schools, kindergartens, day care centres and hydro therapy